Wyatt Charles Baker

Son of David Baker and Beth Merklein- Wyatt plans to attend welding school at Tarkio Tech after graduation.

- Wyatt Charles Baker

Makayla Marie Bohart

Daughter of Kent and Rana Bohart- Makayla will be attending Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville and pursuing Nursing or Early Childhood Education

- Makayla Marie Bohart

Kaylin Zoey Cotton

Daughter of Troy and Dana Cotton- Kaylin will be attending the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a major in Psychology.

- Kaylin Zoey Cotton

Alexis Dawn Davis

Daughter of Joshua and Cassey Egbert- Alexis's plans after graduation are undecided.

- Alexis Dawn Davis

Isaac James Dudeck

Son of James and Anne Dudeck- Isaac plans to go to Tarkio Tech to obtain his Welding Certification.

- Isaac James Dudeck


Son of John and Mandy Elifrits- Hayden will be attending North Central Missouri College and studying to become a Radiology Technician.

- Hayden John Whitnah-Elifrits

Wyatt Roger Whitnah-Elifrits

Son of Mandy Elifrits and John Elifrits- Wyatt will be attending North Central Missouri College to study Radiology.

- Wyatt Roger Whitnah-Elifrits

Dawson Fansher

Son of Lisa Fansher and Chris Fansher- Dawson is attending Colorado State University-Pueblo majoring in Business Economics and will continue wrestling in college.

- Dawson Fansher

Rayleigh Dawn Guyer

Daughter of Jamie and Dennis Guyer- Rayleigh plans to study Nursing and play softball at Hastings College in Nebraska.

- Rayleigh Dawn Guyer

Alex Kael Harris

Son of Tyson and Nikki Harris- Alex plans to enter the work force after graduation.

- Alex Kael Harris

Kimber Lynn Hustead

Daughter of Jennifer Riley and Floyd Hustead- Kimber will be attending University of Missouri-Kansas City and will major in Business. She also plans to earn her pilot's license.

- Kimber Lynn Hustead

Joshua Paul Howell

Son of Steven & Corey Howell- Josh plans to enter the workforce following graduation

- Joshua Paul Howell

Kaiden Zachary Kerns

Son of Zachary and Rosemary Kerns- Kaiden plans to attend State Tech in the fall studying Automotive Racing Technology.

- Kaiden Zachary Kerns

Kaydense Martin

Daughter of Joseph and Cassidy Martin- Kaydense's plans after graduation are to attend North Central Missouri College and become an ICU Nurse.

- Kaydense Martin

Tyler Thomas Mendenhall

Son of Rich and Bernie Mendenhall- Tyler plans to attend Northwest University to pursue a career in writing.

- Tyler Thomas Mendenhall

Kasen Ray Messick

Son of Mickey and Bridget Messick- Kasen's plans after graduation are currently undecided.

- Kasen Ray Messick

Kesney Abigail Miller

Daughter of Isaac and Janessa Miller- Kesney plans to attend Northwest Missouri State University and study to become a Secondary Technical Education teacher.

- Kesney Abigail Miller

Cory Eyler Murphy

Grandson of Teri McClain and David McClain, Son of DeSiree Heaton and Jeffrey Murphy. Following graduation Cory plans to move to Colorado and work for a shipping company with his dad.

- Cory Eyler Murphy

Wyatt Blake Noel

Son of Blake and LaShawn Noel- After graduation Wyatt plans on owning and operating WBN Lawn Care.

- Wyatt Blake Noel

Gannon Thomas Phelan

Son of Jason and Beth Phelan- Gannon anticipates attending college at North Central Missouri College after graduation, and pursuing a career in Computer Services.

- Gannon Thomas Phelan

Chloe Renae Prussman

Daughter of Neal and Jodee Prussman- Chloe plans to complete a two year program at North Central in Trenton for Radiology.

- Chloee Renae Prussman

Brody Dale Scroggins

Son of Jean Prussman and Brett Scroggins- Brody plans to attend Northwest Missouri State University to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science followed by a Masters Degree in Athletic Training.

- Brody Dale Scroggins

Sydney Shae Sipes

Daughter of Tamara & Cory Ashbaugh and Michael Sipes- Sydney plans to attend Missouri Western State University to become a Neonatal Nurse.

- Sydney Shae Sipes

Lainilynn Gabrielle Sisk

Daughter of Bradley and Andrea Sisk- Lainilynn will be attending North Central Missouri College in the field of Radiology.

- Lainilynn Gabrielle Sisk

Tony Nelson Skeen III

Son of Tony and Chartina Skeen- Following high school graduation Tony plans to enter the workforce.

- Tony Nelson Skeen III

Luke James Lee Worley

Son of Andrew Worley and April Allen- After graduation Luke will be attending welding school.

- Luke James Lee Worley

Wyatt Kole Williams

Son of Rachel Heits and Brian Williams- Wyett attended Riggins Flight School in Madison, South Dakota where he received his private pilots license. He is currently working on getting his commercial pilots license to become an Ag Pilot.

- Wyatt Kole Williams