Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Kindergarten Thanksgiving!

Kindergarten students in Ms. Moore's and Mrs. Mendenhall's Kindergarten classes celebrated the first Thanksgiving with  a feast! The students enjoyed turkey, ham, potatoes, green beans, corn, and a dinner roll along with an assortment of deserts and juice to drink. A special thank you to those parents that helped out with food.


Mr. Casey's Microbology class has a little one-on-one time with invertebrates!
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South Holt Elementary Dental Health Assembly
Students in grades PK-3 participated in a Dental Health Assembly. Two "teeth" are learning the benefits of mouthwash in the picture above.
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Sky Zone!

South Holt students in grades 4-12 who took the MAP or EOC tests  last Spring and scored in the proficient or advanced level of those test were rewarded with an incentive trip.  The trip provides motivation to do well and appreciation for those who do well. This year students were able to choose from three activities for their trip. One group went to Jaegers Paint Ball, another group chose shopping, and the group pictured above went to Sky Zone trampoline park.

Congratulations to South Holt High School Students of the Month of 

South Holt Junior High
Laci Kurtz
South Holt High  School
 Nylea Vanhoutan

South Holt Substitute 
Teachers Needed

The South Holt R-1 School District is seeking qualified substitute teachers for t
he 2015-2016 school year. Any potential substitute teacher needs to have 60 college credit hours (in any field of study). South Holt offers competitive pay. The South Holt R-1 School District is an equal opportunity employer.
Those individuals interested in applying will need to acquire a substitute application packet from Mrs. Pam Million in the Superintendent's Office as soon as possible. Please contact Mr. Ted Quinlin in the South Holt Elementary Office with any questions at (660) 446-2356. Please submit completed applications directly to the Superintendent's Office.