South Holt Faculty and Staff
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Faculty/Staff NamePositionLocationE-Mail Address
Faculty/Staff NamePositionLocationE-Mail Address
Aeschliman, Jessica Agriculture Jr. High/High School 
Allen, April HS Math Jr. High/High School 
Anderson, Lynn Secretary Jr. High/High School 
Anderson, Mark 7-12 Principal/AD High School 
Anderson, Nichole 4th Grade Elementary 
Barnett, Terri EL Music Elementary 
Bohart, Rana Para Elementary 
Buckles, Leandra Family and Consumer Sciences Jr. High/High School 
Buntz, Chyre Librarian District 
Campbell, Carrie Art District 
Casey, Jonn Science Jr. High/High School 
Cotton, Dave Maintenance District 
Davison, Brandee Para Elementary 
Dunn, Christina 7-9 Science Junior High 
Ezzell, Wendy JH Communication Arts Junior High 
Graham, Jenny Special Education/Title Math District 
Jackson, Marcia Special Ed. Para District 
Kent, Janah 5th Grade Elementary 
Killin, Jenita Secretary Elementary 
King, Nicky 1st Grade Elementary 
Knapp, Michelle 4th Grade Elementary 
Kurtz, Sarah 4th Grade Elementary 
Lentz, Susan Nurse District 
Long, Kim 3rd Grade Elementary 
Lynn, Brenda Physical Education Elementary 
McFarland, Tim Band/Music District 
Medsker, Raegan Para Elementary 
Mendenhall, Kristen Kindergarten Elementary 
Million, Pam Secretary District 
Moore, Crystal Kindergarten Elementary 
Morris, Colby English High School 
Mudd, Carmen Kitchen Director District 
Nester, Amy 2nd Grade Elementary 
Olberding, Haylee K-12 Counselor District 
Oswald, Letitia Preschool Elementary 
Ottman, Bob Superintendent District 
Ottman, Margaret Speech District 
Patterson, Brenda Food Service District 
Petersen, Josh HS Social Studies/P.E. Jr. High/High School 
Plummer, Rachel 5th Grade Elementary 
Quinlin, Ted Principal Elementary 
Russell, Jenny Technology Coordinator District 
Scheuerell, Chad Social Studies Jr. High/High School 
Schroeder, Diane Para Elementary 
Schulte, Michelle JH Math Jr. High/High School 
Schuman, Michele Special Ed. District 
Showalter, Jennifer 2nd Grade Elementary 
Slusher, Lisa Title Reading Elementary 
Weber, Pam Special Ed. Director District 
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