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MASEF 2018

South Holt Students Attend Mid-America Science and Engineering Fair

Congratulations to the South Holt (MWSU) Dual Credit Biology students on their science and engineering research projects! On March 9th 2018, seven juniors and two seniors from South Holt High School in Oregon, Mo. presented at the Mid-America Regional Science and Engineering Fair on the campus of Missouri Western State University. They also toured the campus and visited the Walter Cronkite Memorial Museum located inside Leah Spratt Hall also on campus. The mission of MARSEF is to promote enthusiasm and careers in STEM and STEM-related fields among high school students in Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. STEM stands for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, and MATH. It is accomplished by encouraging high school students to undertake a independent research science fair project. By successfully completing a science fair project, then communicating their results to judges and other students, they get to experience the passion and joy associated with science. Students obtain a project of their very own that they can take complete ownership of, and learn far more about their specific topic chosen, compared to a traditional (lecture) classroom setting. Completion will assure these students have met certain and current Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Missouri Learning Standards (MLS) and Grade Level Expectations (GLE) required by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Mr. Casey said, "Our jobs as science teachers is to teach students how to become scientifically literate citizens. They will need the ability to analyze issues and make informed decisions about how science is used in the future. Voting on policy and laws that will apply to all people." Casey also added, "getting them to understand the nature of science, is also a key component of current science education. These current High School students will be challenged in the future, possibly having jobs that currently may not yet even exist!"

Mr. Casey SH MWSU Dual Credit Biology instructor, closed with, " This is where the MARSEF project comes into play. They observe patterns and propose explanations of cause and effect. These experiences allow students to use their knowledge of the practices and crosscutting concepts to understand the nature of science.
Lastly communicating to their peers the data, new ideas and explanations of systems using their evidence collected."

It is not their mom and dad's science class, education has come a long way in the last 20 years.

Award Winners were as follows:
Name and category

Eric Ottman with 1st place in Animal Science

Colleen Rukavina with 1st place in Environmental Science

Colton Egbert with 2nd place in Animal Science

Olivia Richards with 2nd in Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical

Sophie Richards with 2nd in Environmental Management

Reagan Morris with 2nd in Plant Science

Special Rewards were won by

Sophie Richards.The Stockholm water award for excellent use of water in a project.

Madeline Prussman won the Scientific Units award for excellent use of the Metric system in her project.

Mr. Casey, Principal Peek, and Superintendent Ottman were very proud with the results. As were the parents of the students.


MASEF 2018